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We Make Data Work For You

Data is the new gold. In today's information driven economy, it is the new superpower. With our insights, you can unlock the full potential of analytics and revolutionize your business.


We Make Data Work For You

Data is the new gold. In today’s information driven economy, it is the new superpower. With our insights, you can unlock the full potential of analytics and revolutionize your business. 

Realize the power of your data

Why you need data science

Data Science is a force to reckon with and all industries are doing their best to leverage its potential. We enable companies to make informed decisions around growth, optimization, and improve their overall performance.

With our services you can...

We Live Data, You Can Rely On Us

Our Providing Services

We offer a full spectrum of Data Services from Building your Data Infrastructure to Business Intelligence & maintenance. We follow a three step approach of 'Acquire', 'Analyze' & 'Act' to unlock full the potential of your business.



This includes setting up your data infrastructure and governance. Data is collected and stored in most efficient & reliable structure ready to be used for analysis.
  • Data Architecture & Extract Transform & Load (ETL)
  • Data Preparation using ETL & Data Pipelines
  • Data Warehousing & Management


In simple terms, this is where we crunch numbers. With top skills and tools, we strive for perfection, with only one goal in mind, to make your business excel.
  • Interactive Reports & Dashboards
  • Goal Specific Data Projects
  • Advanced Mathematical & Statistical Models
  • Root Cause Analysis


We give you actionable insights with evidence of data in form of real life use case stories & non-technical reports. This puts your business ahead of your competitors as numbers never lie.
  • Actionable Insights
  • Findings presented in real life use case stories
  • Choosing the best solutions (A-B Testing)
  • Using results to further optimize future analysis

Data Automation & Integration

We know Integration challenges that an enterprise faces. With our expertise, you can focus on your core business. We minimize errors, and improve data quality.
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Custom ETL Integrations
  • Data Pipelines

Reports & Dashboards Automation

Automated reporting increases your productivity & revenues. We are experts in automating reports dashboards so your employees can focus on their core job.
  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • Advanced Excel & many more...

Data Administration & Governance

With our continued support & expertise, you can rest assured that your data infrastructure runs smoothly while you focus on your core competencies.
  • Data Refreshes
  • Updates & Upgrades
  • Error Handling & Crisis Management
Build a data roadmap to follow for years to come

Our Core Values

We are driven to create and deliver business value by orchestrating a seamless experience for our clients. We strive to move at a pace faster than the digital landscape is changing.

Our Statistics

We are a startup and happily growing with our loyal customers. We are proud to have some of the industry leaders who believe in our services.

500 +
Complete Project
20 +
Goal Specific Projects
15 +
Tools & Technologies Used
6 +
Industries Served
Realize the benefits of data analytics

Why Choose Our Services

We help you obtain the best results from data analytics. With our services, you can harness your data and use it to identify new opportunities. With our assistance, you can make smarter business moves, more efficient operations, get higher profits and keep your customers happy.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity
Faster Decision-Making
Better Financial Performance
Competitive Advantage
Customer Acquisition & Retention
Improved Customer Experiences
Creation Of New Revenue Streams

Technologies We Use

These are some of the technologies we use. But our work is not limited to these technologies.

Customer Reviews

Our work speaks for itself. Our goal is to make our clients data-driven and make well informed choices through data analytics.


AccuData Analytics has assisted us in creating performance and key KPI dashboards for our management teams. By having easily consumable metrics available, it has made it possible for our company to identify opportunities for growth and optimization.

Marce Casal
CEO WellCare Health Group, CEO WellCare Compounding Pharmacy

Being an expert in Excel I was little hesitant about Tableau first, but with little support and excellent training by Rahul I became an expert user in no time. AccuData Analytics’ team understands the challenges non-technical users face and are always willing to resolve those.

Amy Roukie
Consultant, WC Health PSII, Washoe County Human Services Agency